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Candidate Fund Application

Candidate Application for OFRW Campaign Funds

Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women

Each election year it is the pleasure of the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women (OFRW) to provide campaign funds for a number of Republican candidates for state office during the general election, including the Oklahoma House of Representatives and Oklahoma Senate.  Such candidates, who wish to request funds from the OFRW, should email their request to our campaign activities chair. Questions should be directed to:

OFRW Campaign Activities Chair

Angie Sellmeyer

The OFRW does not have the resources to give to each and every statewide, House or Senate candidate.  As directed by the Bylaws and NFRW guidelines, our organization is not the fundraising arm of the Republican Party, but will assist candidates with funds as they are available.  We do not give funds for city or county races.  We do not contribute to candidates for a state office until after primary elections.  The OFRW is not registered with the Federal Ethics Commission (FEC) and, therefore, cannot give funds to candidates for a Federal office.

In considering which candidates to assist with OFRW funds, high priority consideration will be given to candidates who have attended a campaign school sponsored by an official Republican Party organization or auxiliary.  Candidates previously elected to a state office, including the House and Senate, and candidates sponsored by a House or Senate PAC meet this qualification.
To determine which candidates it would be most beneficial to support, the Committee may consider:

  • Recommendation of associated Republican Women’s clubs
  • The candidate’s involvement with and/or support of OFRW and its associated clubs
  • Recommendation of party leadership
  • The candidate’s proven fundraising effort as evidenced from campaign filings with the State Ethics Commission.


Candidate Campaign Fund Request

Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women


Date:  ___________            Deadline for receipt by committee:  09/07/2018 

                                    Scan and email to

Candidate’s Name: ___________________________________________________

Office Sought: ______________________________________________________

SD# _______ HD# ________ located in: ____________________county/counties
Candidate’s Contact Information (as reported to the State Ethics Commission)

Committee Name: ___________________________________________________

Complete Committee Address: __________________________________________

Phone No. __________________________Email___________________________

Ethics # ___________________________

Check, if Applicable:

( ) I have attended a campaign school sponsored by an official Republican Party                             organization
( ) I have been elected to a state office (including House or Senate)                                                      (Office)  _______________________________________________________
( ) I am sponsored by a House or Senate PAC
( ) I am an Associate or member of a Republican Women’s Club                                                 (Club) ________________________________________________________

( ) I am related to a member of a Republican Women’s Club                                                      (Member) ______________________________(Club)__________________

Any additional statements you wish to make about your campaign: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Questions?  Contact Campaign Activities Chair, Angie Sellmeyer