OKFRW Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Standing Committees





Bylaws Chair

Sara Jo Odom

Oklahoma City RWC

Campaign Activities Chair

Angie Sellmeyer  District2Director@gmail.com


Fundraising Chair

Polly Hawkes

Heartland RWC

Legislation and Research Chair

Suzanne Callihan

Frederick Douglass RWC

Membership Chair

Karen Moseley

Heartland RWC

Program Chair

Polly Hawkes

Heartland RWC

Social  Media, Publicity and Newsletter

Tiffany Haworth  OKFRW.FB@gmail.com

Heartland RWC

Website and Photographer

Helen Cole RWC

Website Assistant

Katie Hendrickson   treasurer.okfrw@gmail.com

Southwest OK RW

Select Committees

Awards and Caring for America Chair

Karen Chapman

Countyline RWC

Americanism Chair

Rose Millspaugh

Custer County RW

Boutique Chair

Katie Hendrickson   treasurer.okfrw@gmail.com 

Southwest OK RW

Literacy/MELPS Chair

Debbie Parks

Kingfisher County RW

Convention Chair


Credentials Chair

Alice Boydstun

Payne County RWC

Credentials Assistants

Sheila Means                    Debbie House                      Polly Hawkes                       Katie Hendrickson

Payne County RWC                         Payne County RWC                        Heartland RWC                                  Southwest OK RW

Legislative Day at the Capitol Chair

Sue Thompson

Countyline RWC

OK First Ladies Co-Chairs

Kayla Blount                        Debbie Parks

Heartland RWC                           Kingfisher County RW

Protocol Chair

Debbie House    protocol.okfrw@gmail.com

Payne County RWC

Leadership/Mentorship Chair

Karen Moseley

Heartland RWC

Past OKFRW State Presidents




Southwest OK RW

Deb Davis

Oklahoma City RWC

Pam Pollard

Sue Thompson

Oklahoma City RWC 

Sara Jo Odom

Garfield County RW

Jeannine Long

Noble County RW

Nancy Stirman

Heartland RWC

Helen S. Fay

Oklahoma City RWC

Clare Rattan

Club Presidents




Cleveland County RWC     ccrwcpresident@gmail.com

Nancy Sangirardi

Countyline RWC    countyline.rw.okla@gmail.com

Sue Thompson

Custer County RW     custercorw@gmail.com

MaryAnn Morris

Edmond RWC          edmondrw@gmail.com

Shelley Goetz

 First Capital RW      firstcapitalrw@gmail.com

Salome Vaughn

 Frederick Douglass RWC    fdrwc19@gmail.com    

Vicki Broaddrick

 Garfield County RW      garfieldcorw@gmail.com

Roxanne Pollard

 Great Plains RW      greatplainsrw@gmail.com

Wendy Zimmerman

 Green Country RWC    greencountryrwc@gmail.com

Mayri Hebert

 Heartland RWC     heartlandrw@gmail.com

Polly Hawkes

 Helen Cole RWC        hcrwclub@gmail.com

Tammy Belinson

 Kingfisher County RW     kingfisherrw@gmail.com

Kathi Edsall

 Liberty RW                 libertyrwc@gmail.com

Beverly Young

 Noble County RW      noblecorw@gmail.com

Joniece LeValley

 Oklahoma City RWC       okcrw@gmail.com

Linda Haneborg

 Payne County RWC    paynecountyrepublicanwomen@gmail.com

Debbie House

 Pittsburg County RWC    pittsburg.okfrw@gmail.com

Linda Rogers

 RWC of Tulsa County    rwctulsa@gmail.com

Brenda Tiemann

 Southern OK RW        southernokfrw@gmail.com

Barbara Davis

 Southwest OK RW    swoklahomarw@gmail.com

Deb Davis

Wheatland RW of Woods County  wheatlandrw@gmail.com

Jane Tucker McDermott

 Woodward County RWC     woodwardcorw@gmail.com

Tonya Mitchell

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