Candidate Fund Application

OKFRW Candidate Donations

Each election year, the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women (OKFRW) accepts applications from the Republican candidate for State Offices to provide campaign funds during the general election.  No fund requests shall be accepted prior to primary or run-off elections.   We do not give funds for city or county races.  The OKFRW is not registered with the FEC and cannot donate to candidates for Federal Offices.

The OKFRW does not have the resources to give to each and every statewide, House or Senate candidate.  In considering which candidates to assist with OKFRW funds, we consider the following:

  • Recommendations from Oklahoma associated Republican Women’s club
  • The candidate’s involvement with and/or support of OKFRW and it’s associated clubs
  • Recommendation of Oklahoma GOP leadership
  • The  candidate’s proven fundraising effort as evidenced from campaign filings witht the State Ethics Commission

Thank you for interest in our Campaign Fund Program.  Campaign Fund Requests are currently unavailable.  Please check back after primary and run-off races in 2024.

Thank you!

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